Sub Contractors

Overview of Subcontractors in EDIMONDO

EDIMONDO does not use any subprocessors. However, we would like to inform you that we work with a number of subcontractors who are not considered subprocessors, including the following:

  • They provide space in a hosting center for servers, as well as power and network connectivity.
  • Microsoft: They supply essential software components.
  • Google: We use Google for website analytics.
  • Atlassian Jira: We utilize Atlassian Jira as our service desk system and for project management.
  • Teamviewer: It is used for screen sharing purposes.
  • Mailchimp: We employ Mailchimp for the contact form on our website.

Subcontractor Details:

  • Company: Rackhosting
  • Product: CoLocation
  • Hosting Location: Denmark
  • Purpose: Provision of server space, power, and network connectivity in their hosting center.
  • Company: Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited
  • Product: Microsoft Office 365
  • Hosting Location: Holland/Ireland
  • Purpose: Handling company email communications, editing, and storage of documents.
  • Company: Google Ireland Limited
  • Product: Google Analytics
  • Hosting Location: Ireland
  • Purpose: Website statistics and analytics.
  • Company: The Rocket Science Group
  • Product: Mailchimp
  • Hosting Location: USA
  • Purpose: Receiving inquiries through the contact form on our website.