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Networks and Protocols

EDIMONDO connects with numerous networks, enabling your businesses to exchange business documents globally.

These networks include Peppol, eDelivery, Nemhandel, Network Providers (VAN), and several others. If your organization needs to exchange documents via SOAP, REST, AS2, AS4, SFTP, FTPS, FTP via VPN, or SMTP, EDIMONDO is fully equipped to facilitate secure and reliable exchanges utilizing these protocols.

EDI Document standards

EDIMONDO offers comprehensive support for an extensive array of document standards, ensuring versatility and compatibility with various business requirements and industry-specific formats.

From widely used standards like EDIFACT, X12, and UBL to XML, JSON, and industry-specific formats such as HL7 and HIPAA, EDIMONDO can seamlessly handle document exchange in multiple formats. Additionally, EDIMONDO accommodates customized document formats, empowering businesses to adhere to their specific structures and formats. With its robust support for diverse document standards, EDIMONDO enables smooth integration with trading partners and facilitates efficient communication across different industries and document formats.


Industry-, System-Specific and proprietary Formats

EDIMONDO offers support for a wide range of document formats, including industry-specific and system-specific formats. This flexibility allows organizations to seamlessly integrate EDIMONDO with their existing systems, ensuring smooth data exchange and collaboration.

Industry-specific formats

EDIMONDO accommodates various subsets of document formats tailored to specific industries. This enables organizations to exchange documents in a standardized manner that aligns with industry conventions and requirements. Whether it's invoices, purchase orders, or other industry-specific documents, EDIMONDO can handle the specific formats needed for seamless communication with trading partners in the respective industry.

System-specific formats

EDIMONDO also supports system-specific formats, allowing integration with different software systems within an organization. This ensures that organizations can leverage their existing systems, such as ERP or other proprietary software, and seamlessly exchange data with EDIMONDO. Integration with system-specific formats eliminates manual data entry, streamlines processes, and improves data accuracy.

By supporting a diverse range of document formats, EDIMONDO promotes efficient data exchange and collaboration across industries and systems. It enables organizations to leverage their existing systems while benefiting from the advantages of electronic document exchange, such as enhanced efficiency, reduced errors, and improved business operations.

Logging and transparency

EDIMONDO ensures full logging and transparency for document processing.

It creates a detailed audit trail, capturing key actions like document creation, modifications, approvals, and transfers. This provides accountability, supports compliance, enhances security, helps detect errors, and enables process optimization. The transparency offered by EDIMONDO's logging promotes effective collaboration with trading partners.

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Exceptional team

Our team of experts has accumulated extensive experience in the EDI field, specializing in a wide range of document standards.

We possess fluency in EDIFACT, UBL, EANCOM, SAP IDoc, and many other formats. This expertise enables us to proficiently handle document exchange in these standards, ensuring seamless communication and optimized EDI processes. Whether your organization relies on SAP systems using IDoc or requires support in EDIFACT, UBL, or EANCOM formats, our team's in-depth knowledge and experience make us well-equipped to meet your specific requirements and deliver exceptional results.

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