Registration of Application for Auth 2.0

Registration Step 1

- You will need to sign in to Azure’s portal at

- After sign-in, search for Microsoft Entra ID

Registration Step 2

- Select the Microsoft Entra ID and under Manage section on the left side.

- Select “App registrations”

Registration Step 3

- Click on “New registrations”. Fill all the basic details and click “Register”.

- Redirect URL -

Registration Step 4

- Go back to “App registrations” tab and click. You should be able to see the newly created App. Select the App.

- Copy the Application (client) ID into the notepad.

Registration Step 5

- Click on “Certificates & secrets” from the left menu and on the right select “Client secrets”.

- Click on “New client secret”. Fill the details and set the expiry for 24 months or up to to the Maximum

- Click “Add” to save